Pet Mice

Pet Mice

Mice have been kept as pets for many centuries. Mice are very friendly animals and make an ideal pet as they are great companions. They are curious, charming pets with a high activity level.  Mice are very fragile and should be handled with the utmost of care.  Adult supervision is advised when children are caring for your pet mice.

How to Care for Pet Mice



Mouse are very social with members of their own kind.  Females will do exceptionally well when put in a group.  If males are introduced at a young age, it is more likely that they will get on.  It is important not to house males and females together as they are prone to breeding quickly, and with large breeds.

To keep your pet mice healthy and happy, you will need an enclosure that is big enough for them to adequately move around in.  You will also need a secure mouse carrier, a couple of food dishes (depending on how many mice you have in their enclosure, drip water bottles, toys, bedding, an exercise wheel, and a hiding space for resting in.

The enclosure also needs to be well-ventilated. A lack

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Doggles – what are they?

You’ve probably heard about them and you may have even done a double-take on the street when you saw them, so what are they? Doggles!

Specifically designed for dogs, Doggles are canine eyewear. It may sound a little strange but dogs’ eyes can be just as sensitive as humans’. With summer upon us, this accessory might make your dog a whole lot more comfortable.

Doggles do two main things

Firstly they protect the eyes from the sun, so if your dog has sensitive eyes or an eye condition, Doggles might just be the answer. If you’re unsure, talk to you vet. Secondly, they are useful for protecting eyes from strong wind, sand or when sitting in moving cars or other outdoor activities.

They can also be customised with prescriptions, so if your dog has poor sight or sight difficulties this is another option to consider.
If you think your dog is ready to sport a pair of Doggles give them a try. At first they may not take to wearing them as it’s unfamiliar, but be patient. Eventually you may find your dog starts to enjoy wearing them especially as

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Owning an axolotl

Owning an axolotl

Owning an axolotl

If you’re looking for something a little bit different in your life, why not consider owning an axolotl. Unusual in more ways than one, these fascinating creatures can make fantastic pets.
Still not convinced?

Here are 7 reasons why owning an axolotl is a great idea!

  • Found in a lake near Mexico City, their name is believed to have originated from the Aztecs, using two words: ‘atl’, meaning ‘water’, and ‘xolotl’ translating to, ‘monster’. Need I say more?
  • While they do have lungs, Axolotl’s breathe through their gills and their skin
  • They can regenerate many parts of their body. If they manage to lose a leg, it will grow back, as will other parts such as their tail and even their liver. These amazing creatures have long been a source of fascination for their super healing abilities
  • They enjoy worms, insects, fish and even meats. In case you hadn’t guessed, they are carnivores. This also means that they may (and often will) eat other fish and even other axolotl’s, so you might want to be mindful of this when choosing their housemates
  • Axolotl’s come in different colours including pink, brown, grey,
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Fleas and Kittens

Fleas and Kittens

Fleas and Kittens

Bringing a kitten into the family can be a very exciting time. The last thing anyone wants is to deal with is the dreaded fleas AND kittens. Even if indoors, kittens can get fleas, so it’s good to be aware.

What to do if you suspect your kitten has fleas:

Do take your kitten to the vet

The best thing you can do for your fur baby is to take them to the vet. The treatment will depend on their age. Kittens four weeks and under will most likely have to have fleas removed with a comb or similar method. Slightly older kittens can be treated with some mild products however it is always best to check with a vet.

Don’t use adult cat or dog flea treatments for your kitten

There are many flea treatments available but not all will be suitable for your kitten. This is incredibly important as the treatment may be toxic and cause extreme harm. Do research and seek professional advice.

Do treat all other pets in your home

If you have other pets, check them for fleas as well. If your kitten is also with

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Have the Best Deal of Money Problem

Are you a student? Do you need money to pay the education fee of your own education? We know that education is such an important thing that we should have and we should really consider in our life. In order to be developed well as a human being, we need to get the good education. Besides, we need to enroll ourselves to the good education. You need to have the strong willingness to learn for reaching the good education level in your own life. And if you have financial problem for your education, it is time for easy loans with bad credit.

I believe that everyone wants to get the good education and they will try hard to do many kinds of ways to get the good education. One of the most important here is that we need to have the strong willingness to learn and to enjoy the process of the education itself. Having the strong willingness to learn is such an essential thing that we should really have. But we also should have the other aspect called as the financial support. Education is not cheap and we know that. If you want to

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Six Tips for Feeding Puppies a Healthy Diet

Adding a new furry family member is always fun for everyone, but especially for children who will grow up with a puppy or kitten. If you are bringing a new pet into your house, you need to know how to properly care for him or her. Here are six tips for ensuring your puppy grows strong and healthy by feeding it a healthy diet.

Select Puppy Food

The nutritional needs of a puppy are much different from that of an adult dog, so you need to select a good puppy food. Puppies grow quickly and their bodies are constantly changing, so they need food specifically designed to keep up with the demands of their growing bodies. Puppy foods contain high levels of protein to give them energy and to add muscle onto their bodies, and they also contain calcium, vitamins, and minerals to make sure their growing bones stay strong.

Solid Food at Four Weeks

In order to wean puppies off their mother’s milk, you need to start feeding them solid foods when they are about four weeks old. This is about the time that their bodies will demand more calories than their mother’s

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Get Best Emotional Support Animals Service

Animals are the most important factors which are used for Emotional support animal letter (ESAs) these are trained to assist the person who is disable. These dogs can perform many tasks as they are trained to do routine things to help the disable person like pulling there wheel chair, open doors etc. If you are an animal lover then you may have much confusion in your mind regarding this. You won’t mind going out without anyone’s help if you have emotional support animal with you. In America there are many laws supporting disable and they want that each and every disable person have a support animal with them. Because of this law disable can visit places and live their life to the fullest. But they should take the support animal letter first before flying by air renting an apartment where no pets are allowed.  As sometimes you are asked to produce the written document for verification. And in some places you can’t enter with your pets there also you need to show this letter. People with emotional or psychological disabilities enjoy the same right to housing as people without these disabilities as mentioned in the ‘Fair Housing Act’.

Dog are

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Pets Allowed

What a wonderful time it is for the scammer, the conniver, and the cheat: the underage drinkers who flash fake I.D.s, the able-bodied adults who drive cars with handicapped license plates, the parents who use a phony address so that their child can attend a more desirable public school, the customers with eleven items who stand in the express lane. The latest group to bend the law is pet owners.

Take a look around. See the St. Bernard slobbering over the shallots at Whole Foods? Isn’t that a Rottweiler sitting third row, mezzanine, at Carnegie Hall? As you will have observed, an increasing number of your neighbors have been keeping company with their pets in human-only establishments, cohabiting with them in animal-unfriendly apartment buildings and dormitories, and taking them (free!) onto airplanes—simply by claiming that the creatures are their licensed companion animals and are necessary to their mental well-being. No government agency keeps track of such figures, but in 2011 the National Service Animal Registry, a commercial enterprise that sells certificates, vests, and badges for helper animals, signed up twenty-four hundred emotional-support animals. Last year, it registered eleven thousand.

What about the mental well-being of everyone else? One person’s emotional support can

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When Your Vet Advises This “Routine” Procedure, How Should You Answer?

There’s a debate raging in the veterinary and animal care community over anesthesia-free dental cleaning (also called non-professional dental scaling, or NPDS) for dogs and cats.

In case you’ve never heard of NPDS, it involves cleaning just the surface of the teeth of a fully awake pet. It does not involve evaluating what’s going on below the gum line or in other unseen areas of the oral cavity.

Anesthesia-Free Dentistry is a Cosmetic Procedure

Anesthesia-free dentistry is gaining popularity with well-intentioned pet guardians who may be fearful of anesthesia or may not be able to afford professional veterinary dental care.

They want to provide some form of oral care for their pets, so they opt for NPDS, but unfortunately, anesthesia-free cleanings are purely cosmetic procedures that address only the parts of your pet’s teeth you can see.

One of the questions many pet healthcare professionals are asking is whether NPDS procedures are doing more harm than good. A concern many veterinarians have with just scraping teeth is that the mouth is full of blood vessels, which can launch oral bacteria into the bloodstream.

Once the bacteria is in the bloodstream, it can infect other organs like the valves of the heart.

Another concern is that NPDS

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Find Your Perfect Pet Match Online-Dating Style

About 2.7 animals are adopted from U.S. shelters each year, but an estimated 7.6 million enter them each year as well.1  Most of the animals entering shelters are picked up as strays, but there’s still a sizeable portion that end up in shelters after being surrendered by their owners.

Many other pets are surrendered to rescue organizations, friends, and other family members. There are many reasons why people surrender their pets (with moving being the most common),2 but sometimes it’s simply because the animal’s personality did not mesh with its new family.

According to Patricia McConnell and Karen London, authors of “Love Has No Age Limit: Welcoming an Adopted Dog into Your Home,” “We would love to tell you that every dog can flourish in every home, but the truth is that, no matter what you do, sometimes a dog and family are not a good fit.”

When you adopt a pet from a shelter, the reality is that you don’t always know what you’re going to get. The animal may have been abused or passed from home to home.

Even in the best-case scenario, the animal will be entering a brand new environment, which can be overwhelming, stressful, and downright scary. Most pets,

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Never Make Your Puppy Endure This Cruel Procedure… No Matter What

The College of Veterinarians in the province of British Columbia in Canada (CVBC) has recently banned the practice of ear cropping on dogs for cosmetic purposes. The procedure involves the surgical removal of two-thirds to three-quarters of a dog’s ears, with the goal of making the ears stand straight up.

“This decision by the CVBC to make cosmetic ear cropping an unethical practice of veterinary medicine is a significant step forward in the humane treatment of animals in our province,” said Craig Daniell of the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), “and we are extremely pleased to support and endorse this change.”1

Veterinarians practicing in British Columbia who crop ears will now be charged with the unethical practice of veterinary medicine, and will face disciplinary action.

Ear Cropping Explained

Ear cropping is typically done when a puppy is 8 to 10 weeks old.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. A dog’s ears have lots of nerve endings, and the pain this surgery would cause without anesthesia is extreme.

Cropping involves the surgical removal of around two-thirds of the pinna, or floppy part of both ears. The remaining tissue is then tightly taped into an upright position. Pain medication may or

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Noisy Cats at night

Noisy Cats at night

Don’t you love it when you’re all tucked into bed, ready to doze off into a blissful sleep? What’s not as blissful is when your cat decides right when you fall asleep they want you to wake up and play.  Noisy cats at night, why?!

Most cats sleep up to eighteen hours a day which means when they are up and about they can be charged and ready to explore.
Domestic cats are related the African wildcat which are nocturnal animals, so it’s part of their make-up to be active at night. However, cats can adapt to their owner’s routine. Sleep deprivation can be frustrating but rest assured your cat can be trained to let you sleep in peace.

Play with them!

Like humans, cats have energy that needs to be burned. Spend time with your cat in the evening playing their favourite games. This is fun for them and you and will tire them out for a good night’s sleep. Try using cat toys like mice on a stick, balls, squeaky toys and so on.

Part of the reason why many cats are active at night is that they sleep during the day. If your cat is alone

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Pet holidays

The holiday travel season is fast approaching.  Many of you will be looking down at your furry, puppy eyed creature and wondering how you could possibly leave them behind.

To many of you, your pets are like your children.  It is therefore important to consider their needs first.  How would your pet feel travelling, would Fuzzy enjoy it, or would it make him more stressed?

It’s tempting to want to bring your pet with you on your travels.  However, some animals are just not well suited for it.  They may have a physical impairment, they might not have the temperament for travels, or they might have an illness.  For these cases, leaving your pet in her familiar surroundings and environment with a pet sitter, might just be the better option.

On the other hand, if your pet is able to travel, the following are some considerations that will open up possibilities to a happy and safe holiday break for both you and your pet:

  • Make sure you familiarise yourself with any pet restrictions at the place of accommodation that you are considering;
  • When travelling with your pet, make sure you have all of her health and vaccination certificates with you, close at hand;
  • Buckle up your
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Pet Fish

Why you need pet fish

How many times a day do you look at your iPhone? Be honest now… it’s alright, you’re not alone.  We are all becoming increasingly reliant on technology be it our mobile phones, televisions or computer screens. However research has proven that time spent with nature and away from technology can not only drastically improve our health, but our mood and wellbeing.  Now before you start saying that you don’t have time to climb mountains, there are other and simpler ways to connect with nature, such as owning pet fish.
In Addition to being relatively low-maintenance, pet fish can add tremendous value to your life. How you ask?

Pet fish are relaxing to watch

There is ample research to show that watching fish swim will lower stress levels, reduce blood pressure and even reduce anxiety. Just a few minutes each day watching your beauties swim about is enough to produce results. So why not put the mobile phone down and move your attention to your fish tank.

They don’t make any noise

No barking, meowing or chirping here. Fish are silent creatures that won’t wake you up in the middle of the night. Ahhh bliss.

They visually beautiful

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Taking your Pet to the Vet

Taking your Pet to the Vet

Have you noticed when it’s time to visit the vet, your pet will hide in out of reach spots like under the bed?
Taking your pet to the Vet can be stressful, however just as we humans need to visit the dreaded dentist for check-ups, it’s most likely your pet will need veterinary care at some point.

Here are a few pointers to turn a claw-scratching experience into a tail-wagging one.

  1. Pets can be notoriously crafty at disappearing when they know they are going to the vet. If you own a cat or other small animal have them travelling in a carrier from a young age. Practise putting them in a carrier and in the car. The more you do it, the easier it will be when you actually need to go to the vet.
  2. Allow your pet to get used to the motion of the car. When it comes to visiting the vet, the car ride won’t be such an ordeal. If you have a dog, take them for car rides occasionally, even if it’s just around the block or to the park.
  3. Find a local vet. The closer the vet is to your home the better.
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10 Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

When you are thinking about adopting or rescuing a dog from your shelter, don’t look past the more senior dogs as there are many benefits of adopting an older dog.

Many older dogs were once owned and loved by someone and for whatever reason, were given up to a shelter. Older dogs need a second chance just as much as younger dogs and puppies do.

Older dogs can make great pets for a number of reasons, here are 10 benefits of adopting an older dog:

1. Many adult dogs have spent many years living with a family and may have been socialised with other animals.  They have also been socialised to life with humans;

2. Some older dogs who were previously living with animals have received obedience training and will respond to many commands such as sit and stay;

3. Most older dogs are past the seek and destroy stage;

4. Older dogs have been toilet trained;

5. If there is a certain breed of dog that you favour, chances are there is a breed rescue club that can typically point you in the right direction of older dogs that need a home;

6. Many elderly people may find the calm presence of some older dogs very

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Rabbits Have a Right to Freedom

Rabbits have a right to freedom and every rabbit needs a place they can call home.  There is nothing like a patter of bunny feet around the house and with a little thought and consideration, you can have fun with your rabbit.

Your rabbit will spend most of its life in its housing so it is important that the accommodation is right and will meet all of your rabbit’s needs. The wrong accommodation can cause health problems, behavioural issues and depression.

The British Rabbit Council states 5 policies for the freedom of rabbits cited from

The five freedoms that rabbits have a right to:

1. Freedom from hunger and Thirst

By providing fresh water and the right amount of food to keep them fit.

2. Freedom from Discomfort

By making sure that rabbits have the right kind of environment including shelter and somewhere comfortable to rest.

3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease

By preventing them from getting ill and by making sure animals are diagnosed and treated rapidly.

4. Freedom to behave normally

By making sure rabbits have enough space and proper facilities.

5. Freedom from fear and stress

By making sure their condition and treatment avoid mental suffering.

Thinking about buying a rabbit?

If you

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Pampering your pet on a budget

Pampering your pet on a budget

If you’re wondering how to save a few bucks this festive season, but don’t want your pet to miss out, there are ways.  Try these easy tips for pampering your pet on a budget!


There are many pet spas available offering a range of choices, but if this is out of your budget don’t despair! Purchasing a good quality pet shampoo and doing it yourself can be an easy activity. Either use your bathtub or find a grassy spot outside. For a quick dry, bathe your pet on a warm day.


It’s completely free and your pet will be forever thankful. Most dogs and cats love to be petted. You can gauge how they like to receive affection by their reaction. Try a light scratch behind their ears, a rub of the belly or gentle long strokes down the back. For rabbits and guinea pigs, try soft strokes on the head and back.


Most dogs love going for walks. If this isn’t already part of your daily routine, start making it today. It costs nothing and importantly, gives your dog exercise. Try a different route from time to time or explore a new dog

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Bushfire plan for your pet

Bushfire plan for your pet

With the bushfire season upon us, it’s important to consider the needs of your family as well as your pets. The best strategy is to be prepared with a bushfire plan for your pet. Take the time to come up with a plan for you and your pets before any potential bushfires start. If you need to evacuate your house, here are few important points to consider:

Plan well ahead of time

If you need to leave your premises and can’t take your pet to the next destination, come up with a list of people and places where you can drop your pet off. This may be at a boarding house or relative’s place. Ring well-ahead of time and make sure they are prepared for your pets arrival

If you have small pets which you can take with you, have their transport ready. It may be a portable cage or ventilated container for small pets. Don’t wait to the last minute, have their transport ready to go

Pack a supplies kit

Once you leave your premises, you may not be able to return for some time. Have a pet supply pack ready. This should include:

  • Food and water supply
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Service Dogs

For many years, service dogs have played an extremely important role in supporting people with disabilities to lead more independent and happy lives.  The most familiar dogs are guide dogs for those who are blind.  There are also dogs who have been trained to assist those with a hearing disabilities and mobility issues.  There are dogs who have been trained for seizure alert, dogs who assist people with Parkinson’s disease as well as dogs who support their owners emotionally.

Assistance dogs like storage locker dog man not only help their owner with their disability.  They also provide them with more independence and can support them to initiate social interaction with the community around them.

Different Types of Service Dogs:

Guide Dogs

The most commonly recognised dogs are possibly those dogs that assistance those that are blind or vision impaired.  These dogs are called guide dogs.  Training for guide dogs starts when the puppy is 6-8 weeks old.

Hearing Ear Dogs

These dogs have been specifically trained to assist people who are deaf or hearing impaired.  These dogs are trained to alert their owner to a variety of sounds such as the telephone, door knock, door bells, smoke alarm or any unusual noises.

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Animal Shelters

Animal shelters should be the first place you look when you plan to bring a pet home.  Many shelters have an amazing selection of all kinds of breeds of animals, both adult and younger animals.
There are many reasons why your first port of call when looking for an animal to bring home to your family should be a shelter.  The following outlines some of those important reasons:

You’ll Save a Life.

Sadly, many dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are euthanised each year simply because too many people give up on their animals and too few people adopt them from shelters;
Many of the shelter workers have to make the agonising decision to euthanise animals simply because there is limited space at shelters;
The number of euthanised animals could be drastically reduced if more people adopted pets from shelters rather than from pet shops;
By adopting from a shelter, not only are you saving the life of one animal, you are saving the life of two.  The pet you adopt and a homeless animal who can now be brought into the shelter because of the space that you freed up.

You’ll get a Healthy Pet

Most shelters do a full health check,

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International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day around the world

December 5th is International Volunteer Day where all the over the world, we celebrate volunteer organisations and individual volunteers.

Have you ever thought you might like to volunteer with animals? There are plenty of options available and your contribution can make a big difference.

With so many great organisations out there, how do you choose which one to volunteer with?

Consider these questions:

Choosing where to volunteer

There are many animal organisations, wildlife rescue, vets and animal hospitals, pet services and animal shelters regularly looking for volunteers. Have a read of their website, contact the volunteer coordinator and gather information about what they are looking for. Some organisations will have a process including completing an application form or going for an interview.

Think about what you want to contribute and what you want from the experience

Volunteering is a two-way street and you should feel comfortable and fulfilled. Ask questions before you commit to the volunteer role. What will your duties entail? This is important as you might not feel comfortable working with injured pets for example.

What skills do you have?

While it’s not always necessary, using existing skills can be a great way to volunteer. You may have

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The Importance of Regular Cage Cleaning

The Importance of Regular Cage Cleaning

One of the keys to keeping your bird healthy is to regularly clean its cage.  Once you have worked out a cleaning routine, you will find that your cleaning can be done efficiently and swiftly.  You will also be satisfied knowing that your beloved bird is cavorting in a clean cage.

It is a good idea to look for any signs of injury or disease with your bird when you clean the cage.  You can also look for hazardous conditions that might be lingering in the cage that would need to be removed or corrected.

Some things to observe whilst cleaning out your bird’s cage:

  •     Has the normal amount of food and water been eaten or drunk?
  •     Is there any sign of material that has been regurgitated?
  •     Are the droppings normal in appearance?
  •     Does your bird’s feathers look normal?
  •     Are the feather’s present?
  •     Do any of the toys need to be replaced?
  •     Is the cage in good condition?


Daily Cage Cleaning

Liners:  At the bottom of your bird’s cage, there needs to be a liner of paper.  Please note that the coloured ink on newspapers may be toxic. These liners can be replaced daily or every second

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